VACP Stands In Support of Bringing An End To Racism And Discrimination

As Clinical Psychologists, we bear witness to the longstanding injustice, pain and suffering that the Black community in America has endured. We are outraged at the brutal actions of some police officers and others across America which resulted in callous murders of Black Americans. The pattern of racism and discrimination witnessed by our country with many recent examples is incomprehensible. This persistent racism is deleterious to the mental health and well-being of all Americans and particularly Black Americans. We stand in solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement and we pledge our commitment to finding a common ground of humanity and to helping the voiceless find their voice. Clinical Psychologists play a valuable role in the healing process, at societal, organizational, and individual levels. Hatred and racism have no place in our great nation.
       ~Dr. Bruce Sellars, VACP President, and the entire VACP Board of Directors, 9/22/2020